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Automatic watch            

When buying a watch, one is confronted by a lack of knowledge of what would be the right one. Owning a watch today has very little to do with time-telling. People are able to check time from many other gadgets.

Having a good timepiece is all about fashion. Then how would one tell the right one? What determines the size and shape of the watch? All this is determined by the individual. Different watch sizes reflection differently with different attires. A size 41’’watch is ideal on official occasions and meetings. This type of watch resonates well with men.  A size 39’’ is good for evening outings.  A size 25’’ with a good silver or golden chain strap is good for a lady attending a party. Sports watches look good with sports gear.

There is a different type of watches running on different power mechanisms. The most common are;                                                           

1. Automatic mechanism

2. Quartz watches

3. Manual winding

Automatic Mechanism

These are called self-winding watches. They have internal semi-wheel that moves in a circular movement as a person is going about his/her business. This ends up winding the watch.

Quartz Watches

These type of watch movement are powered by a battery. The electrical current is fed to a coil that regulates the movement. They are the most accurate watches.

Manual Winding

This is the oldest watch mechanism. Winding the watch is done manually on a daily basis. They are popular with watch collectors who like a watch they are involved in its movement.

There are other common types of common watches today.

Sport watches


Digital watches

Chronological Watches

Field watches   

Skeleton watches

Dress Watches

Pilot watches

Mechanical watches

Analog Watches

The type of watch one chooses depends on the use. If you want a sports watch or smartwatch you choose one that has factions you desire.         

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